BPC(1-benzyl-3-carboxyl pyridinium chloride)
  BPC(1-benzyl-3-carboxyl pyridinium chloride)
  CAS No.15990-43-9

Serial number E002
Trade name BPC
Chemical name 1-benzyl-3-carboxyl pyridinium chloride
Molecular formula C13H11NO2
CAS No. 15990-43-9
Assay 34% 48%
Appearance colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
related [email protected]°C 1.09
PH value 5-6
Water-solubility Quite soluble in water
Application It has bitter almond smell. As brightening agent in alkaline Cyanideand cyanide-free electroplating zinc or cadmium baths, it is Preferably used in combination with IME and MOME.