BCES((Hydroxypropyl)butyne diether disulfonate,sodium salt)
  BCES((Hydroxypropyl)butyne diether disulfonate,sodium salt)
  CAS No.67874-62-8

Serial number D005
Trade name BCES
Chemical name (Hydroxypropyl)butyne diether disulfonate,sodium salt
Molecular formula C10H16O10Na2S2
CAS No. 67874-62-8
Appearance Clear yellow or red-tea like liquid
Assay 25%
related [email protected]°C 1.3820-1.3900
PH value 6.0-7.0
refractive [email protected]°C 1.3820-1.3900
Application Directly used as brightener and weak leveling agent. When using Together with ATP,PS,it can help improving brightness at densities.