ALS(allylsulfanate , sodium salt)
  ALS(allylsulfanate , sodium salt)
  CAS No.2495-39-8

Serial number D001
Trade name ALS
Chemical name Allyl sulfanate, sodium salt
structure formula H2C=CH-CH2SO3Na
Molecular formula C3H5SO3Na
Molecular weight 144
CAS No. 2495-39-8
Assay 25% 35% 95% 98%
Appearance Colorless to yellowish liquid Colorless to Yellowish liquid White granule White granule
related density 1.20-1.25 1.20-1.26    
PH value 7.0-9.0 7.0-9.0   6.1(1%solution)
refractive [email protected]°C 1.385-1.3920 1.4000-1.4050    
NaCl contant     1.5%(max)  
Fe content     0.0003%  
Na2SO3 content     0.2%  
Water content     3.0%  
package 25KG/drum 25KG/drum 25KG/drum 20KG/drum
Application Assistant brightener; improve throwing power and ductility of metal.