CAS No.311-89-7

Serial number A008
Trade name FT-43
Chemical name perfluorotributylamine
structure formula (C4F9)3N
Molecular formula C12F27N
Appearance Colorless and odorless transparent liquid. It is nonflammable and keep stability to heat, and many chemicals. It has excellent lubricating quality and dielectric properties.
Boiling point 165-185°C
Related densities @25°C 1.85-1.89
Dielectric strength 17(kv/mm)(min)
Application 1. As a anticorrosive driving isolating liquid for apparatus & Instruments.
2. As a dielectric insulating oil.
3. Stable diluent specific solvent or reagent for chemical reaction.
4. Thermoconducting cooling agent used for transformer, Particularly small transformer for tall & big buildings.
5. Oxidation-resistant lubricant.
6. Fluorocarbon emulsion used as blood substitute.
7. Leak detecting liquid of electronic devices.