Excellent Product Quality

The products have passed the ISO 9001 quality certification.The production process is mature, product quality is stable and  quality performance is excellent. The products have been strictly inspected by the quality inspection center.

Various products, abundant stock and short delivery period. Because of the efficient and fast sales service system, these products can be supplied globally.

Global Rapid Supply of Products

Professional technicians provide you with product consulting and technical support. The interests of   customers and meeting customer demands are our primary goals.

Complete Pre-sale and After-sale Service

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Wuhan Bright Chemical Co., Ltd. is set up in 2006. Our mainly effects are concentrates on production, researches and trading of fluorine-containing chemicals, electroplating chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals.The factory is located in Jiayu Industrial Park, Hubei Province, with an area of about 20000 square meters.The products are widely used in petroleum exploitation, fire fighting, fabric finishing, paper waterproofing, construction, paint, medicine, pesticides, plating and other fields.


Best PC Flame Retardant ITEM:Potassium Perfluorobutane Sulfonate/FC-98CAS:29420-49-3Purity: >=99%Appearance:white crysta...


The company has been producing perfluorooctyl sulfonyl (acid) compounds for decades. Star products s


It can be used in organic fluorine synthesis, fluorinated surfactants and other important intermedia


Perfluorooctyl sulfonyl fluoride and its derivatives (PFOS & PFOA) are produced by electrolytic fluo

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